March 2012

Fighting Fire in Haiti

March 28, 2012

By Alexis Erkert
March 28, 2012

When police and the landowner commanded Michelène Pierre to vacate her tent on a Sunday afternoon so that they could light it on fire, she responded: “If you want to light me on fire along with this entire camp, go ahead. I’m not leaving.” The police bypassed her tent, but continued to threaten other residents of Camp Kozbami, setting flame to six tents.

Camp Kozbami is the fifth camp to be arsoned in two months. As landowners and the government push to close camps inhabited by those displaced by the earthquake that rocked Haiti 26 months ago, a reported 94,632 individuals are facing forced eviction.

Endorse the Marseille Declaration: "We commit to take action in solidarity with Palestinian human rights, including the human right to water”

March 26, 2012

Visit the link to sign the petition.

Alternative Water Forum 2012 – The Marseille Declaration

”We commit to take action in solidarity with Palestinian human rights, including the human right to water”

Occupied Palestine – For years, the United Nations Human Rights Committee and other UN bodies have found Israel to be in violation of Palestinians human right to water and sanitation as part of normal reviews of Israel’s compliance with human rights treaties ratified by Israel.

Support the Restaurant Opportunities Center in Raising the $2.13 Minimum Wage!

March 16, 2012

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*The National Restaurant Association, an employer lobby group, claims to be
THE VOICE of the restaurant industry – telling Congress that for the past
21 years tipped workers have been just fine earning $2.13 an hour.

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives Announces National Worker Cooperative Conference

March 14, 2012


Cross-posted from the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives' announcement.


Registration for the upcoming national worker cooperative conference opens in mid-March. In the meantime, take a look  

at our gorgeous conference website for lots of information!


Global Fund for Women Highlights "Top 10 Wins for Women's Movements"

March 14, 2012


Cross-posted from the Global Fund for Women's piece, "Top 10 Wins for Women's Movements."

As millions rose up last year demanding justice, women were on the front lines and behind the headlines pushing to advance human rights. Global Fund for Women celebrates International Women’s Day with ten victories won by our grantee partners in 2011. From securing bodily rights to delivering justice to rape survivors, women are indeed ushering in peace and justice for all.

“When it rains, we will grow again”: Haitian women observe International Women’s Day

March 14, 2012


by Alexis Erkert, photos by Ben Depp

March 14, 2012

“As activists, we commemorate this as a day of struggle, a day to make our voices heard until someone pays attention and helps provide solutions to our problems." Facing the Haitian parliament with a throng of banner-waving and singing women at her back, Rachelle Fondechaine of Women Fighting for the Development of Haiti continued, "Today is March 8th! It's a day when women workers in New York first took to the streets in to demand their rights in 1857. This day is marked in our memories, and as women in Haiti, we have no support, we are left in the street, our children don't have access to school...”

Message of Solidarity from Haiti to Alabama Residents

March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012

The images of devastation in Alabama and surrounding states as a result of last week’s tornadoes have sincerely touched Haitians that are still recovering from the effects of the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The following message of solidarity from the Haitian housing coalition, FRAKKA, goes out to all those who have been affected by the storms in the US:

New Survey Shows Residents of Haiti’s Capital Have Negative View of UN Troops and Feel They Should Compensate Victims of Cholera

March 6, 2012

February 15, 2012
Contact: Mark Schuller,

A newly published survey indicates that a majority of residents of Haiti’s capital have a negative opinion of UN troops stationed in Haiti. The survey of over 800 households throughout Port-au-Prince shows that less than a quarter of respondents considered that the presence of the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti (or MINUSTAH) is a “good thing” while a majority feel that the troops aren’t providing adequate security.  A large percentage (43.9%) of respondents believed that MINUSTAH agents are or have been engaged in criminal activities such as violence, theft and rape.