April 2012

BIRTHING JUSTICE: Our Hope is in Our Struggle – Reclaiming Land and Life in Honduras

April 27, 2012

By Lauren Elliott
April 27, 2012

Consuelo Castillo | Bajo Aguán, Honduras
My name is Consuelo Castillo and I have been fighting to defend the land for five years. Our goal is for everyone who is part of the land occupations to have access to land.  Land, well, it’s our first mother. For us farmers, we don’t have life without land. That’s the reason we’re in this struggle.

We want a better Honduras, a different Honduras where there is equality for everyone. A Honduras where everyone can enjoy the wealth generated by this country and the fruits of our land. We’re fighting for the changes that we truly need and, well, I believe that with everyone’s strength and work, we’re going to reach the goal.


Via Campesina Press Release: Struggle for land rights around the world

April 27, 2012

Cross-posted from our friends at Via Campesina.

Press release, Rome, 25th of April 2012
European Coordination Via Campesina

The land belongs to those who cultivate it


We, farmers, gathered in General Assembly in Rome this 24th and 25th of April, express our support and solidarity to all people struggling for the preservation of land, the access to land and to the profession. We are opposing the vague of privatisation of public land:


  • in Mali, where farmers were arrested for working the land of which they were expelled after land-grabbing;

  • in Honduras, where, since the 17th of April, 1200 ha were occupied;



Activists Occupy UC Berkeley Farmland That's Up for Development

April 25, 2012


Cross-posted from BerkeleyPatch's article here.


A group of activists says it has taken over a tract of University of California at Berkeley-owned land. They plan to plant seedlings and convert the land to agricultural use.


The group, Occupy the Farm, took over the property known as the Gill Tract, at San Pablo and Marin Avenues on Sunday afternoon. They planned to stay overnight, group members said.

Coming Together for Environmental Restoration in Haiti

April 24, 2012

Interview by Beverly Bell and Alexis Erkert

April 24, 2012


In honor of Earth Day, we run an interview with Yves-André Wainright, who discusses ways that poor governance and the role of foreign donors have contributed to the country’s environmental catastrophe. He also lays out a blueprint for what could turn the situation around, effectively mobilizing both government and the population to begin restoring the environment.

Yves-André Wainright served twice as Haiti’s Minister of Environment. Trained as an agronomist, Yves-André’s work has focused on environmental management, especially management of natural resources and waste.

Indigenous Lenca Community in Honduras Wins Community Land Title. Comunidad indígena Lenca de Yance logra la titulación comunitaria.

April 23, 2012

Below is an announcement from COPINH, a Lenca organization in Honduras, announcing they've won a community title for over 300 hectares of ancestral land.

¡Victoria Indígena! ¡También compartimos nuestras alegrías y luchas!

Después de innumerables acciones de lucha de manera sistemática y permanente, la comunidad Lenca de Yance, hemos logrado el primer título comunitario de nuestra tierra ancestral. 
Somos comunidad Lenca afiliada al Consejo Cívico de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras COPINH y la misma celebra el día sábado 21 de abril la entrega del título comunitario de una parte de nuestras tierras ancestrales, esta entrega se desarrollará por parte del Instituto Nacional Agrario, ocasión que se aprovechará para la entrega de la personería jurídica de las comunidades de San Bartolomé y Río Blanco del municipio de Intibucá.

BIRTHING JUSTICE: The Link to Humanity -- Gift Economies

April 20, 2012

BIRTHING JUSTICE: The Link to Humanity -- Gift Economies

By Beverly Bell
April 20, 2012

“African values” refers to a set of values that people share. How do you recognize a human being? How do you treat people? What do you do with what you have? We are talking about a universal, positive way of life. What Africa has to give the world is a reclaiming of humanity. It teaches that there are other ways of living and doing and being with each other. We share values with those everywhere who believe in the dignity of the human being.

Thousands of Peasant Farmers 'Reclaim' the Land with Honduras Occupations

April 20, 2012

Originally published on Thursday, April 19, 2012 by Common Dreams
- Common Dreams staff

On Tuesday, small scale farmers and their allies around the world observed the International Day of Peasant's Struggle, by organizing more than 250 actions and manifestations all over the globe.

The international small-farmers movement -- driven by the grassroots network La Via Campesina, which represents nearly two million small-scale growers --mobilized this year, according to its website, "to oppose the current offensive by some states and large corporations at international level to grab land from the farmers, women and men, who have been cultivating it for centuries.

BIRTHING JUSTICE: Rewriting the Rules of the Global Economy -- Creating Economics That Improve People’s Lives

April 13, 2012

By Beverly Bell and Tory Field
April 13, 2012

“Rather than having these people inside the Beltway be the experts on the issue… we ask: How can we empower the people who are actually affected by the issues to be the spokespeople?” – Deborah James

Ask just about anyone about the “99%” these days and, regardless of how they feel about the Occupy movement, they’ll probably acknowledge the increasing concentration of wealth and power that the past few decades have brought. Occupy has successfully propelled issues of inequality and corporate control to mainstream consciousness, here in the belly of the beast, in the nation that has been pivotal to defining the world economic system.

Upcoming Food First delegations to CUBA and BOLIVIA - Register Soon!

April 10, 2012

From our friends at Food First; for more information, check out http://www.foodsovereigntytours.org/.

Explore your global food system with Food First

Join us on an upcoming delegation to Cuba or Bolivia  

See firsthand what happens when national policy prioritizes organic farming. The transformation of Cuban agriculture was profound and fast in the early 1990s, however it is an experiment that continues today. Looking towards the future, this agricultural nation again finds itself in a period of transition and reform. This delegation provides an in-depth look at Cuba’s dramatic shift from industrial to organic agriculture. Beginning in Havana, we will make our way west to the province of Pinar del Rio, meeting with farmers, professors, government officials and educators along the way.